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    Windows Media Player - Buffer Overflow Protection

      Hello All,

      That's my first time posting on here...so I hope it would be a good experience.

      I have been trying to solve a problem with my MS Media Player 11. everytime I try to open it I get a Buffer Overflow Protection from my McAfee antivirus. I have tried to run for malware, spyware, and viruses, and there are none in my computer (at least using the various programs that I have tried: MS Defender, MS Malicious Software Removal Tool, Spybot, McAfee Virus Scan, Trend Micro online scan).

      I tried to uninstall and re-install Media Player with no success. I can run the player if I disable the Buffer Overflow Protection in McAfee, however, I'm trying to avoid that, as I feel safer if it is always enabled.

      Any thoughts on what could solve this problem?


      I am running Windows XP SP2 with McAfee Enterprise v. 8.5.0i

      I am attaching an image of the alerts I get every time I try to run wmplayer.exe

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          i moved your thread to the right forum, where you can get more help
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            Are you sure I get more help here!!!???
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              well if no one is able to help, could you at least direct me at where I might find some help or information.

              it's getting really frustrating not being able to solve the problem.

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                You can also choose to set it to "Warning Mode" by opening the 'Buffer Overflow Protection" Properties section and selecting that option. This would at least warn you of such issues.

                Still, I've got a similar setup as you on this computer and have no such warnings.. Have you got Patch #1 for 8.5i installed? If not, visit the corporate portal with your corporate grant number and download the patch.

                Hope this helps.

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                  Didn't look at dates and what not and don't know if this issue has been resolved, but I've been finding a lot of post related to this issue (as i myself have this problem). It appears that this is caused by large video files due to outdated codecs - the programs that interpret and decode the data so we can watch em. I'm playing around with some stuff but it seems downloading and installing a recent codec pack has been the solution for most people, though a fresh install of java also has been recommended in the majority of cases.
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                    The problem was solved for a while...

                    don't ask me how it was solved...WMP 11 started working all of a sudden by itself. and after a month or so...the problem came back again. This time I made sure I'm not playing large video files or anything...but this problem is really irritating me and I would like to solve it.

                    Any person was able to figure it out yet? where is the McAfee support?

                    The only reason I am using McAfee is because I have to because of my institution otherwise I would certainly consider switching to something else.

                    Hope to get some fruitful responses this time!

                    I apologize in advance if I am on the offensive in this post...but this problem is really really irritating me!
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                      It's tough to help when we've received little response back from you...

                      Once again...have you updated to the latest patch for VirusScan 8.5i? (We're now at Patch #4 and this is critical. )

                      Have you tried changing it to "Warning Mode"?

                      Have you tried excluding the "Windows Media Player" executable from Buffer Overflow Protection settings?

                      Uninstalled all the old Sun Java versions and installed the most recent Java 6 Update 3 version?

                      Hope this helps and let us know more.

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                        Hey Grif,

                        Thanks a lot for your post, it was really needed. I sure don't have anything except the latest Java update. As for the Patch #4 for Virusscan 8.5i, for some reason it didn't update to it. I tried to manually click on update now, however, it keeps telling me that the number of patches installed is only 3. Not sure if that has to do with my ePO (policy orchestrator).

                        As for the warning mode, I prefer keeping it to Block. However, I added WMP to the exclusion list and now it works well. But the main question is how safe that act is? wouldn't it mean that we are just discarding the Protection that McAfee is offering?

                        Thanks again.
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                          Here's an update,

                          Apparently the change to warning mode and using of exceptions only works for a while and then all the settings are reset to the default I have.

                          Apparently the ePO is responsible for all that. so what are the other alternatives to make WMP 11 compatible and run under McAfee....

                          I know I'm not watching any online streaming or anything...all I'm using WMP 11 is for listening to music that I have it on my hard drive.

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