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    distributed repository not working


      I have a distributed repostiory at the end of a T1 and the workstations dont see it. They are still come\ing across the T1 for DATs and other updates.

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          Things to verify:

          1. You have set up a replication job for the new repository and completed the first full replication successfully.

          2. You have enabled the repository in the Agent policy that covers the intended clients, and moved it to the top of the list.

          3. The clients have had an  Agent--> Server communication event on the clients so that they have gotten the new policy settings.



          If these points are ok, then it should be working.

          Surprisingly enough they actually work most of the time, allthough you might have to disable the EPO master server in the repository list for those clients if you want them to ONLY update from that update point. Any clients that get a "busy message" from the update point will otherwise go to the EPO server.



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            Thanks for the help.

            1. when I look at the Distributed repository I see all the correct software and version also the DAT is correct.

            2. I dont understand what you are asking. can you send me a step by step on how to enable the respository in the agent policy?

            3. All the workstations have an agent on them currently.


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              In the agent policy=>repository tab, select the repository and click on Enable/Disable.