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    VSE 8.8 Event ID 1202 filtering issue?


      We are still evaluating 8.8, but I noticed that we are only getting our 1202 events (On-demand scan started) from systems with 8.7.


      I double-checked...

      • the Event Filtering is still set to accept and parse these
      • the latest VSE extensions are installed
      • the events are being generated (and sent) on the client side
      • the event ID in the client-side XML file is accurate


      I seem to be getting 1203 (On demand scan complete) just fine, but it's awfully hard for me to calculate how long the scans are taking with only half of the story.


      Anyone else notice anything like this? I figured I would come here, before going to support (*twitch, wince, groan*).


      --Joel E.