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    McAfee Data Loss Prevention - uninstall


      I seem to have installed McAfee DLP when i installed a Microsoft Visual C++ from microsoft

      I can't access my USB drive to write to - only to read as its says monitor mode - read only - please enter release code. I can't see where the program is on my laptop so I can't generate this release code. How did it get here and how can I delete. The laptop is stadalone - not on a network - my company say that this product is nothing to do with them.



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          Moved from Home and Home Office to Business > Data Protection > Data Loss Prevention for better attention.   Hopefully someone with that expertise will help soon.

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            Can you attach a screen shot? We don't sell the product to end users, only to corporations, so it's more than likely it came through your company - perhaps they are deploying Device Control?


            It's not something you, as a user of your laptop will be able to uninstall though - only the administration team who activated it can really do that.


            Have you logged onto another company network recently by any chance?

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              I'll keep monitoring this in case it turns out to be a home product after all.

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                Everything that you are stating with "read only", "monitor mode" and "release code" sounds like Data Loss Prevention/Device Control. 


                I have the same question as Simon because you probably were deployed the product as a part of your company's deployment task.

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                  I cannot paste in image as everytime I do the Internet has stopped working. i have checked with my company and they definately did not upload to my machine. I have an identifciation string of UHA2-UKUH-VP4S-D18E but I do not have a release code. the program seems to heve been installed on the same day that i downloaded and installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistrabutable. Tried to load image of PRTSC but everytime i paste the 'Internet has stopped working'. Is there anyway to trace the corporate company who has installed this and work case scenario how will i rid this from my machine. i am running Vista 32, PGP encryption and Kaspersky.




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                    I've had a look at whats on my hard drive. In C:\programfiles there is a MCAfee directory and contained within this directory are two more directories


                    COMMON FRAMEWORK  - then folders 040A to 0804, LpRT-3V41AFCV, MCTRAY and Microsoft VC80.CRT all created 140411----------- plus other folders


                    DLP - then folder AGENT - creeated 140411




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                      There's not much you can do then - the McAfee agent would have been deployed to your machine through one of the domains you logged into. You can't easily remove it yourself, only the IT department who are responsible for it can do that.


                      Don't get distracted by the fact you noticed this at the same time as installing Visual C - the two are unrelated, unless of course you got Visual C from some freeware site and it was in fact McAfee device control...


                      You should confirm your company is not running a trial of McAfee Device Control though...


                      I imagine in the Agent folder there should be an XML file indicating the address of the EPO server the agent is connecting to - you'll also probably find this info if you click on the McAfee icon in the tool tray and look at the log. That should give you a hint as to who is managing this instance.


                      As a user though, again, you don't have any choice in the matter - if your company decided to deploy it to you, then it's their machine and there's not much you can, or should do to disable it.


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                        You may  be able to see where it came from. In the 'systray' area of Windows (the icons near the time on the taskbar) you should have the McAfee red shield with an 'M'.

                        Right-click and choose 'About'. Then look for 'DNS Name' under 'McAfee Agent' and see if the server and domain look recognisable.




                        Chris Norris

                        McAfee TierIII Support

                        Data Loss Prevention

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                          Hi Chris, Ex-Brit, Safeboot, tonyw


                          Many thanks for your patience and help so far


                          A McAfee Agent Option's box has appreared on my tool bar- wasn't here before.


                          Looking through it I have


                          Agent ID C8B06431-0556-4CB1-A84A-73E2A8D5CE74

                          DNS is SJP10app41vm.sjp.co.uk.


                          sjp.co.uk is my company web address but everyone i have talked to says that they definately did not upload to my PC. What does the SJP10app41vm denote.


                          Unsure of which dept to contact.




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