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    User assignmet problem (The server is not operational)

      Good afternoon!


      After full 3 days of reading manuals and installing software and setting up a new server, I have managed to set up a 90day evaluation version (got ir from local software distributer) of ePo 4.5 with all extensions including Data Loss Prevention with full 90-day McAfee Host DLP Full License.


      It's installed on a separate server (file server) that is joined into our main domain controler.

      Also WCF service works on the same server as McAfee ePo.


      But after starting to do some tests on DLP server (ePo), to check how the offered features work, I got stuck!

      The problem starts in "DLP policy" section, when you want to assign any policy (e.g. device policy) to an AD user, the "User Assignment Group" windows opens, then you press "Add..." and an Error jumps out saying:

      "Failed editing user groups and OU. Exception information: The server is not operational. Name: "ABC"" See attachment.

      I can't list the AD users.

      This means, that for now I can't test the software properly.


      The DC server works fine. The DLP server can list the Active Directory outside off the ePo, e.g. assign security user right to a folder, where AD is lised when you open User assignment window.


      Could you please help, or point me to the right direction where to look, because I have read all the manuals and guides that came with this test package and nothing!


      Thank you in advance,