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    Disable startup scan

      This is actually for Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0.

      When I go to VirusScan On-Access Scan Properties by right clicking the shield in my tool bar, I go to the general settings and DISABLE the on-access scanning at system startup. I select Apply. However, when I go to reboot my computer, it ignores this setting, scans my computer and when I go back to the properties, it is re-enabled.

      Is there a way to set it so that it will keep the preference even after I reboot my computer?

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          i moved your thread to the right forum where you can get more help
          • 2. Where did you put the thread?

            Brilliant. How about a clue to where you moved this thread?:confused:
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              (How about looking for things before being upset ?)
              Since you mentionned VSE, your message was quite logically put in the "CORPORATE PROTECTION IN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT", which is what the E in VSE means.

              • 4. OAP vs. "On Demand Scan"

                Since, you're using VSE (E for Enterprise), chances are that your company or university has an ePolicy Orchestrator Server "somewhere"...
                Your IT department has defined some generic parameters and these will supersede your local settings regularly. There's nothing you can do about it, this is the way VSE is meant to work and to be used.
                Your IT dept, however, may change these settings.
                I wouldn't hold my breath however, since disabling OAP is a bad idea and a killer for security. There's no way a user will get me to let him disable OAP for more than 10 minutes.

                By the way, OAP does not "scan your computer", that's done by "On Demand Scan".