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    Moving a machine to new agent hander

      Currently all our agents are reporting directly to our ePO server.  I've setup a remote agent hander on another machine and as a test, I switched one machine over to this new agent hander using a Handler Assignment Rule.  After an agent wake up, the agent now reports that it can't communicate with the ePO server. 


      In the server log on the remote agent handler I see the agent connecting, but it's getting this error:


      2011-05-19 15:12:08          I          #1984          NAIMSRV           Received [PropsVersion] from CYRIL:{3D911935-7A39-4121-8245-332A777DB023}

      2011-05-19 15:12:08          W          #1984          mod_epo           ERROR: Failed to find server key matching agent (CYRIL) key hash: 4xmKZO0EV+cLRsRx/8aee0rlQ0s=

      2011-05-19 15:12:08          E          #1984          mod_epo           Failed to process agent request, trigger agent exponential retry


      Did I miss something somewhere?