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    Disable Bluetooth protocol


      How do I successfully disable Bluetooth via McAfee DLP?  Is there  a step by step process located online that I can follow?



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          What steps have you follwed so far?


          I don't have a USB enabled machine to test on but I would assume you would use device management.


          Create a device definition based off bus type: bluetooth.

          Create a Plug and Play device rule to include that bluetooth device definition, user groups and tell it to block.


          See if that does what you are looking for.

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            I have this quastion too.

            And i tru to create a device definition with bus type: bluetooth, usb (because the bluettooth addapter attach to my pc by usb ports), and create a Plug and Play device rule to include that definition.  But my rule doesn't work properly.

            On another hand, i try to make a device definition with this properties:

                 - Device Classes:

                                Adapter Devices


                - Device Instance ID

                - Device Name:

                                Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

               - USB Class Code:

                                E0h-Wireless Controller


            But the rule doesn't work again ...

            What can i do? Could you please help me... !?

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              It's likely the item you are looking for doesn't meet the description provided.  Create a monitor rule with very basic definitions.  Simply a rule with USB or Bluetooth alone should trigger on the device to create the appropriate rule.

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