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    Total Protection - Firewall  - if turned on, wired pc will not connect to internet

      One pc on wired router and three laptops with wireless connections. All running Win7 Ultimate and McAfee Total Protection.

      Adding new PC - wired - with McAfee installed and firewall on, can ping other pc's and laptops on teh network and can ping websites, but all internet connections time out (IE9 and Firefox).

      If I turn teh McAfee firewall off then internet connections are fine.

      Oddly, one of the laptops is also new, with same os and McAfee product - but on that one, firewall is left on and internet connection is fine.

      This would suggest the default settings in McAfee firewall are preventing the internet browsers from working. In firewall settings "Internet Connections for Programs", both Firefox and IE are specified with full access.


      Any thoughts? Anyone have the same issues?


      (Is it anything to do with "Ports and System Services")


      Thanks in advance.