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    Clean up Application Data\Network Associates\Common Framework\Current

      I have a server that is running out of space on C: and not matter how much I delete a week weeks later McAfee has consumed the space. I've been down to 0 free.


      We have ePO4 and 8.7 installed.


      Besides the folders below in Framework Current we have several copies of avvscan.dat which is a monster file - two of them look to be exact dups




      Why two?


      Any way to persuade Viruscan to not use C: for this cache? The program files are installed on D: but that didn't help much as the space was gobbled up within weeks.


      Can I delete any of these folders from Application Data\Network Associates\Common Framework\Current? Some don't have a lot in them but some do.

      Automated cleanup? ???


      07/01/2008   AUENGINEMETA

      03/26/2011   BOCVSE__1000

      10/11/2007   ENCPTCNT6000

      01/25/2007   EPOAGENT3000

      09/13/2007   EPOAGENT3000META

      03/24/2010   EXTRADAT1000

      01/02/2007   GROUPSHD6000

      03/02/2005   LWI_____6600

      11/24/2008   MASECORE2000

      06/02/2006   MPEMSBCK1000

      06/02/2006   MPEPRDCK1000

      06/02/2006   MPESVRUP1000

      06/02/2006   MPEVIRCK1000

      03/02/2005   NORTONAV7500

      03/02/2005   PATCHTMP1000

      04/25/2008   PATCHTMP2000

      04/06/2006   PATCH___1100

      12/09/2005   PUPDAT__1000

      04/03/2010   SPAMSAFE1000

      03/02/2005   STINGER_2430

      04/21/2010   SUPERDAT1000

      04/21/2011   SUPPCLNT1000

      03/22/2010   SUPPMVTCONTENT_1000

      07/14/2010   SUPPMVTCT1000

      03/02/2005   VIRUSCAN7000

      03/02/2005   VIRUSCAN7100

      03/20/2007   VIRUSCAN8000

      03/06/2009   VIRUSCAN8600

      03/25/2011   VIRUSCAN8700

      02/08/2011   VIRUSCAN8800

      05/19/2011   VSCANDAT1000

      05/19/2011   VSCANENG1000

      09/21/2006   VSEMAS__8000