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    Upgrading from ePO 4.5 to 4.6 with EEPC 6.1

      We're planning on upgrading our 4.5.4H1 ePO server to 4.6 in a couple weeks.  I seem to recall that if you have EEPC6.1 installed on 4.5, there is some extra step that needs to be done when upgrading to ePO 4.6.  I can't find any reference to it in the 4.6 install guide or release notes.  Am I remembering this correctly, and if so, could someone point me to the steps we need to take to upgrade to 4.6? 




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          only thing i can find is this from the 6.1 readme:


          Known issues

          • If you have an existing 6.0.x EEPC installation and you are also upgrading your McAfee ePO from 4.5 to 4.6, please contact Technical Support beforehand  and refer to KB71574 .  For the upgrade path EEPC from 6.0.x to 6.1 followed by McAfee ePO from 4.5 Patch 4 Hotfix 1 to 4.6, an additional tool is required to be executed prior to the upgrade. The tool is not required for:
            • Users upgrading EEPC from 6.0.x to 6.1 withoutupgrading McAfee ePO 4.5 Patch 4 Hotfix 1.
            • Users newly installing EEPC 6.1 on McAfee ePO4.5 Patch 4 HF1 or McAfee ePO 4.6. BZ663863




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            That's exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks!