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    Quarantined/Trusted items section; when reviewing, keep getting "script on page causing IE to run slowly"


      Good afternoon all,


           When I go to look at whatever items may be within the 3 areas comprising the "Trusted and Quarantined Items" section of Security Center's "Navigation" area (i.e. the first two areas - not the TRUSTED ITEMS part), the on-screen display just keeps showing a circular-rotating icon for over 15 minutes without displaying any items.  Then, a dialog box opens stating, "A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly.  Allowing it to continue could cause your computer to become unresponsive."  It asks if I want to stop the script from continuing to run.  When I clicked on the button to stop the script from running...nothing happened. It's as if everything had just frozen in place!   EVERY single time, the only way I could even get my computer "unfrozen" from this blasted McAfee mess was to unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, then replug it in & reboot.!  Task Manager would not work, pressing the on/off power button did nothing, pressing <CTRL>, <ALT>, <DEL> buttons didn't help either...I think you get the picture!


      This has occurred 5 consecutive times now today...and frankly...I'm becoming more than annoyed.  (The reason I was even checking for items in the aforementioned listings was because the McAfee full scan run yesterday indicated the presence of a trojan...and I wanted to see what the name of it was).  [A trojan (called "reno or rena something") also happened to show up on a full scan a week ago].


      I would appreciate it if someone out there has ANY idea as to WHY this is happening and how to FIX the issue.  I'm at my wits end with McAfee!

      Thanks for your time and any info.