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    EEPC Agent 1.0.2 and Encryption 6.0.2 - compatable with Windows 7?


      Hi There,


      I am currently running ePO 4.5 Patch 1 (yes I know I need to update... )


      We currently have safeboot 5.2.5 deployed to all machines but wanted to test the EEPC with ePO to see how it works check its easy enough for our helpdesk staff to manage etc...


      I have checked in 6.0.2 into ePO and managed to deploy and encrpyt an XP laptop without any issues (woo-hoo). in the information it dosnt mention if this is compatable with Windows 7 at all?


      Anyone know if this will work with Windows 7 or will I have to wait to test windows 7 once i check in 6.1 after ePO is upgrade? Dont want to deploy to a windows 7 machine only to have to re-format/image.


      Many thanks,