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    Updating from repository error



      This is my first post.


      I´m trying to install an Virus Scan Enterprise 8.8 in an XP sp3 machine. The PC does not upgrade.


      The error is "The repository is not valid". With the default repositories (HTTP y FTP) from the original installation.


      All the machines of my organization work fine, but this machine %/%$&/((//&)(/&(/&.


      I tried to install an UNC repository in my local network , but does not work with this machine. With the other ones OK.


      I copied all the files and folders from ftp://ftp.nai.com/CommonUpdater to my shared folder \\server\\general\mcafee


      This shared folder is public for all users.


      I don´t know what to do, needing help please


      Thanks for all