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    Fatal error (0xEE00000B) EPEi_system_policy


      I just updated my ePolicy Server to 4.5 Patch 4 HF1, installed the extensions for 6.1, and then checked in the software packages for 6.1, deployed the new agent for without issue, did a reboot, then deployed the EEPC 6.1 which the machine had 6.0.2 without issues, but on reboot failed with that Fatal error, is there something I missed along the way?  The PC is Windows 7 Pro x64 it did show it deploying x64 versions of the product to it.  It had 6.0.2 without issue prior.  Didn't know if this was an isolated incident or would any future deployments have this issue occur?  Is this an upgrade issue, or would clean installs be ok, haven't tried on any spare machines to see if a clean install over an upgrade would have the same results.