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    tunneling tool




      I'm having a problem with a tunneling tool that have been installed on the computers, it is ISC.EXPLORER and can be downloaded and are jumping http://www.box.net/shared/gppraunvee content filter.

      Could define a rule in the SSL to prevent the MWG jump?



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          Usually yes. A very generic solution to block these kind of connections is to enable SSL Scanner as the certificate validation might block most of these tools.

          Additionally, display a coaching page if user accessing an uncategorized site or a URL with IP address only.




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            I´m trying to prove but i can´t stop the connection.

            You know any document that explain how to do, or It´s possible to know any other examples similar that this case for control.


            I know the address against witch down the tunnel to bypass the filter, this case is


            Thanks for your help