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    Disappearing Buffer Overflow Protection

      I have several XP SP2 machines on which I've had to reinstall VSE 8.0i. Subsequently, all references to "Buffer Overflow Protection" (the "Buffer Overflow Protection Definitions" line in "About VirusScan Enterprise" and the "Buffer Overflow Protection" listing under the VSE Console) have disappeared. Prior to the reinstallation, these settings were present -- but I've yet to find any way to convince them to return.

      These were originally ePO-managed systems, reconfigured as standalone systems, and later returned to ePO. I've tried installing both as a standalone and through ePO (with a complete wipe of all McAfee directories and registry settings before each attempt), to no avail -- and the same installation package includes "Buffer Overflow Protection" when installed on other XP SP2 and Win 2K systems.

      What am I missing? (Other than "Buffer Overflow Protection"?)