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    Since using VSE 8.8 Pc's generate error with GravitiXService.exe ( a file from Patchlink Update System)

      Hello community.


      Since we updated our ePo Server from VSE 8.7 to 8.8 most of the pc's with the VSE 8.8 installed generate errors.

      Its always the same, it looks like that VSE produces a crash frm the GravitiXService.exe File. This is a file who is used from Lumension Patchlink System L.E.M.S.S

      We have this error since we updated VSE to 8.8. Not all PC's have already 8.8 and the pc's with VSE 8.7 do not have this error.


      The error is just e message that pops up and the users can click on "cancel" and the message is gone but will come mostly after the next reboot.




      i also used McAfee Virtual technician and the tool says that there is a patch missed but i dont find this "missed" patch in the download portal. maybe this would solve this problem ( just my hope)




      Thanks a lot for all hints and answers!