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    Blocking the 'Generic FakeAlert' Viruses


      We are having issues with several variants of the


      Generic FakeAlert






      viruses. We've had several cases where these viruses have gotten through McAffee and had to be removed manually. We have vScan tightened down pretty well and the vScan clients are up to date, but is there something specifically that we can do to make sure that these viruses aren't getting through anymore? A specific setting, or block something to some folder. We're getting really tired of going around removing this virus.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Attila Polinger



          please use Access Protection rule "Prevent programs registering to autorun" enabled for blocking. Also do not forget to enable "Prevent McAfee servcies from being stopped" and "Enable Access Protection" as a service. Fakealert trojans make use of winlogon- Notify key in registry, which qualify as an "autorun" feature and as such will be blocked by this rule.

          If you do not enable McAfee services protection, then trojans will pause McShield and perform the change, then re-enable McShield.


          Also please enable all rules - with blocking option - that protect McAfee files and folders.