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    Real Time Scanning suddenly went off and thereafter would not stay on

      I last had this problem in Aug 2010. I am not sure how I solved it.


      I hadn't been doing anything unusual with the Laptop and I had been enjoying troublefree running. The only thing that I had noticed is that there had been more than the usual number of McAffee updates with the normal request of a restart. My wife with her own Laptop with McAfee  didn't seem to have had as many updates.


      This time I ran Virtual Technician which showed ( to my surprise)92 problems found. I continued with the MVT hoping that it would solve all problems ( it usually does but with only say 1 or two problems)


      Mvt stopped with the error message "The file -mfenlfk.sys- on McAfee NDIS Light Filter is needed "  "Type the path where the file is located and then click OK"


      I have no idea where the file is located.


      My Actions :-


      Use Removal Tool and restart.

      Run Mcpreinstall Tool.

      Re-Download Programs


      During what seemed to be during the latter stages of the re-download I got the same above error message ........"mfenlfk etc. etc.     Help!


      I should be grateful of any help.


      ps.          If needed, I could try and send a copy of the error message. Thank you.

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