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    Reporting on VS Tasks with ePO?


      If I set a task with ePO for VS8 - say a scannning job, is there anyway to report within ePO on the outcome of the task?.

      For example:

      I've a weekly scan job running - I'd like to be able to produce a report which gives me some indication of the status of the scan.

      By status I mean, those machines where the scan has been completed, those machines where the scan didn't complete.

      From playing with scan options, I know on my own PC, that it can take several hours, and in some cases I've shut the PC down, and gone home - hence cancelling the scan - it this type of thing I'd like to get a handle on.

      If I could report on the result, I can then alter my scan job to perhaps provide a more suitable outcome - for example, is it never completing on a small number of machines - hence should I be allow more processor usage?.

      To day, I don't know what's really going on, other than by actually inspecting the logs of individual machines.

      Any thoughts?


      Iain Chapman
      Lambda UK
        • 1. Reviving an old thread
          Hi Iain,

          Reviving an old thread: have you been able to do that ? I would like to do the same thing.

          Thank you.
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            I did it somehow...
            Actually, I set a VSE full scan task and found out afterwards that VSE always reports "some event"... I haven't yet identified all the Event IDs and such returned by the scanner but I'd say it is possible (with ePO 4 !)

            I'll see if I can find the report back and revive it and I'll let you know.

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              You sure can......

              Create a query...

              1. Grouped Summary Table
              Groub By
              2. Event Generated Time (UTC)
              3. Analyzer Detection Method
              4. Event Description

              There is where i have problems. You want to filter results to show you "(managed)..." or "(EPO)..." but it does not work but the report will still provide you with your information.

              When the report runs and it takes some time for me and errors sometime too but just try again it should run. You will want to look for the "Analyzer Detection Method" that is "(managed)......" or "(EPO)....". This will be all your managed tasked.

              In the event reporting you will want most if not all.

              Scan Found infected file, Unwanted program deleted, Infected file deleted...., but most important Scan completed. No Viruses found, and Scan was canceled