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    Renaming Malwarebytes folder & the mbam.exe file


      I have attempted to follow instructions provided by Peacekeeper (Tony) regarding how to rename the Malwarebytes folder (in the Program Files section) and also the mbam.exe file.  I first uninstalled the MWB program from my computer; downloaded it again;  named the Malwarebytes folder "MWB" and it contains the various MWB files in it.


      However, I am still unsure as to just WHICH of the files listed in the folder is the executable one I need to rename, so I took a screenshot of the files in the MWB folder and attached it to this posting for review. 


      A few of the files shown have .dll extensions, 1 or 2 just have the MWB logo and the word mbam beside it.  I don't see any files in the screenshot list that has a .exe extension though.  At this time, my two questions are these:


      1.  WHICH of the files shown in the screenshot is the one I need to rename?


      2.  To rename it...do I just highlight the filename, then right-click on it, select <RENAME>, and change the name from MBAM to something else?  (or is there another method I need to utilize to rename the file)?


      I very much appreciate your time, patience, and enlightenment...AGAIN!