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    SaaS applications are not being re-enabled after the 2nd restart

      My client is planning to buy this service, but, while testing, I found the following:


      The SaaS services are supposed to be updated-fixed 5 minutes after the computer starts. The problem is that, this happens just once a day. I turned disabled all of the tools (Virus and Spyware Protection, Firewall Protection and Browser Protection) and turned off my computer yesterday (05/16). Today, everything was "up and running" 5 minutes after the restart. I disabled all of the tools again and rebooted. Only the antivirus was re-enabled after the restart.


      In my understanding, the tool should have the same behavior no matter how many times you restart it and should also happen when you hibernate it.



      Windows XP Professional


      McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection 5.2.0


      ¿What do you think?

      Am I doing something wrong?




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