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    EPO in a mixed environment


      I'm currently running EPO 4.5 and before I even start looking at EPO 4.6....does anyone know if it does a better job working in an environment that has Windows and Linux? I mean Linuxshield has been rebranded to VirusScan Enterprise for Linux but I still find myself having to modify or duplicate reports to get anything meaningful on the Linux side


      For example,

      Compliance history report I had to exclude OS type Linux because they were never complaint (with current DAT files) Then I had to setup another report to handle it. (Repeat part for most of the Virusscan Enterprise Public Group)


      Any plans on treating a threat as a threat regardless of the system it was detected on or did we miss something when we setup EPO?

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          Laszlo G

          I think some changes will appear once McAfee Agent 4.6 is available. Someone from McAfe told m that, for example, it would be possibe to deploy VirusScan for Linux directly through an ePO task instead of installing it manuually on the Linux box. Perhaps this may also bring changes on how data from linux boxes is sent to ePO