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    Unable to upload\save file though http via webwasher

      Hi Team, We are facing the issue while upload or save files (its 40 to 80 mb pdf files) on the internet URL via webwasher version I have added the URL into the Global white list (with Request, Response and Embeded Object options) and also tried to add the same URL into the new white list which i created with only Request type (applies to) options. Even though when we upload\save file into the website, its trying again and again and its not reaching to the destination.. Can you pls let me know is there any why i can upload the files (via http\https) to the URL? Since this is my production URL and i appriciate your quicker help on this.


      And also is there any way i will give this URL (into the webwasher) from the complete exclustion of scan\block?




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          What type of URL is this and how are you uploading the file?   The global whitelist is the way to completely exclude scan/block lists. 


          If this is in your production network, you will want to add rules to always skip intranet traffic, like 172.16.x.x, 192.168.x.x

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            Hi Jon, Thanks for your quick reply.


            URL is zinio.com. I have added *.zinio.com* on Global whitelist and one more white list which i creaated manuly with only request option enabled. We are Saving pdf file (since its production URL and credential will know only process head) into the site (post.zinio.com). While uploading the file its trying again and again continously. then we need to cancel manually only to stop that process. I am suspecting its may be connection timout issue. (while uploading file first its reaching to the webwasher and its tring from webwasher to the respective site, but original website may timeout after sending from the client. But i have try to increased the client and server timeout also in the webwasher but no luck..) Pls advice on the same.


            Yes is there anything possible to allow this URL\IP alone to bypass from bloking\scanning\etc via webwasher




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              Try doing a global whitelist with IP address.  You will want to use "URL.DestinationIP"


              You will want to use this:   <---post.zinio.com

              and   <---www.zinio.com


              Also, install Fiddler and use it while you are uploading the file.  I am sure this will help you troubleshoot the issue.  Fiddler is great when troubleshooting proxy issues.