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    How do you replace 8.7 patch 4+hotfixes  with patch 5 in ePO?




      Pardon the basic question--I haven't had to deal with any hotfixes in the eval branch until now, so I have what should be a pretty simple question. 


      We currently have VSE 8.7 patch 4 and the mass mailing hotfix 613356 in our eval branch of ePO 4.5,   and we'd like to move to VSE 8.7 patch 5 (which includes that mass mailing exception hotfix and other fixes).


      Is it just a matter of checking in the patch 5 package into the repository, or... do you need to clear the hotfix out of the eval branch (by moving it to another branch or deleting it) to keep  agents from needlessing installing hotfixes in addition to the patch 5 that'll be there?


      In short, is ePO/VSE smart enough to know not to apply hotfixes  that predate a superceding patch?  


      Thanks for any experience or insights on this front.