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    Missing "Subscription Detail" WebPage in web account

      I have two products

      1. 3-User McAfee Total protection &

      2. 3-User McAfee AntiVirus Plus


      In my 1st product's online subscription (which is expired now), I have an option to brows subscription detail webpage from My Poduct view where I can have services to Reactivate or Deactivate my software from list of table, nick name my pc and view IP address - all seven services - as explained in following webpage link.




      In my 2nd Product's online subscription, I am missing this webpage. It is all same account as my 1st product, but the word 'Subscription 1' is missing that hyperlink which leads you to the 'subscription details' webpage.

      Can anyone using product no. 2 confirm having access to 'Subscription Details' webpage please ?


      This one also misses showing (how many out of how many in use) besides Total License in use 3 in my product table




      tier 2 sutherland global Tech support is still looking for problem in my browser !!!




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          If tier 2 is looking they will sort it out. I have two accounts each with two subscriptions in them. Both subscription links open and show PC name  Ip nik name etc.


          The link fails to show normally when no licence is used from my experience. Have you tried another browser.? What 1 are you using?


          I use FF 3.6.17

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            Thanks for Reply,

            Do you have AV+ in your account?


            I use FF4 as well as IE8 local language version.


            During the online tech-support, I gave up keyboard-mouse and showed Tier2TechSup how my one account shows "Subscription Detail" web page and other account does not in same window browser, though I was got my IE setup resetted several times.


            Not only this I got my PC uninstall the Enitre McAfee Product through McAfee clean up procedure and reinstall, update the product unneccessarily in order to get the webpage in my web account !!!

            Even though all after these, as I did not get the web page, sutherland global T2TS says I got discounted product !!! they are offering me phone support and not calling me on time at given phone number.


            As Sutherland does not have access to McAfee server, they cant update my account and provide me the webpage I am looking for... Insetead of admitting that they says 'Server does not have a problem' and want to find a problem on my PC.


            I offered them to reset my login password to 1234abcd and ask them to check that on any PC and browser if they can see the disired webpage, as I had tried. They have not replied and still want to troubleshoot my PC !!!


            I have no other way to pass sutherland T2TS and contact McAfee Online Account Manager directly to help me update my web account in order to get subscription details webpage.....

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              no only full version sorry.


              If you want I can look at your account and see what I see. If you want PM me your account and new password and I will look at it.

              .Of course sutherland should be able to sort out this but might help if ?I can see what you are getting.


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                I showed to sutherland, now finally they have agreed that this page is not available...

                They are not claiming that it is browser problem any more....

                They says they will address the issue with higher McTec team


                At one point, they told me that unlike my previous suscription, my current product is not a direct purchase. And as it is the product through a promotional offer of my different services, they tried to convince me that the webpage I am looking for is in that third party control or they have limited version purchase from McAfee !!!!

                I know all accounts are same, whether you carry total protection product, family protection product or Anti-Virus in that. I may have not lost this webpage if I had kept my old email address account with the new product... I dont know how does it look having two product in single account? Can you please tell me / show me if same subscription detail webpage works for both the product or not ? or both product have different subscription detail webpage ? if yes then is it possible to change email address account for my product ?

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                  To change email address you need a new account setup. then you can move the licence to that account or they can via the subscription repair tool.


                  The webpage you posted in original post is the help page found when you click on subscription link in your account and then under My computer there is a help link I have that as well but why the worry re it.


                  emailed you something to your community email

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                    Dear Peacekeeper


                    Thanks. The screenshot you showed has 4 tables in My Product menu. As each of the product has "Subscription 1" word individually, but only total protection has the hyperlink.

                    I have only one table as 'total protection' in one account and 'Anti-virus plus' in other account accosiated with other email address.

                    As family protection, site advisor and internet security are single componant, while total protection or anti virus plus are complete packages comprising around 7 to 9 componants.

                    Individual componants like site advisor are not being sold on McAfee CD but TP and AV+ are.

                    They both must have 'subscription 1' word hyperlinked to subscription detail webpage where one have have those 7 services facility as explained in help webpage linked as above.


                    Thanks for subscription repair tool idea. I will ask sutherland global to be less reluctance and use it if it works ! I wanted to know if anybody using AV+ and having 'subscription 1' word hyperlinked in his/her account...

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                      Nil S sorry getting confused here can you email me your account pic or explain the issue more?


                      Subscription will only be hyperlinked when you use a licence. then it will show PC name nik name and Ip addy etc.


                      Site advisor is included in TP

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                        It could be two things as subscription 1 is not hyperlinked.

                        1. Either the license is not used yet.     or

                        2. Even though license is being used, it is not being displayed.


                        Obviously, someone can doubt how 2 can happen? so did sutherland.

                        So they check my browser and PC upside down, over and over, again and again

                        While asking, they confirmed that 3 out of 3 license are being used.


                        I don't know how McAfee is setup inside...

                        They auto turn on hyperlink while one license is being used or while download is clicked or on completion of download or confirming installation or any other way...

                        But whatever it is, it is not working in my account.

                        So the second obvious doubt for me was whether other 'single component' products or AV+ (or any other product shown as in individual table other than TP) have this auto turn hyperlink setup in mcafee ?

                        That was the reason, I was looking for any other person who have AV+ and have hyperlink turned on so my doubt could be cleared that there must be a fault.

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                          Hi Nil,

                          Could you please let us know if your McAfee programs were purchased online or subscribed through your ISP service ?




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