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    McAfee quarantined a trojan, but when I tried to send it to McAfee, I get a "Send Failed" message


      This post is something of a follow-up to a previous post (regarding a trojan) within the past week to which Peter (Ex-Brit) had been very helpful.  I've attached a screenshot (taken using mspaint) of the "Quarantined Items" section in the McAfee Security Center showing the particular trojan which was discovered on the May 3rd scan.


      After highlighting the entry, and clicked on the <Send to McAfee> button, a message appeared (after about 10 seconds) on my screen saying, "Send Failed."  I didn't try sending it a 2nd time...just went ahead and deleted the trojan out.


      UPDATE:  I just finished locating and reading a couple of responses Peter provided to some other posters having a similar problem as mine, therefore I will withdraw my discussion item here as a response is not needed.



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