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    "Repository Update or Replications Failed" alert

      Hi All


      Im getting the following notification from ePO, anyone know where i should look for the log for this to figure out why its failing?  The console doesnt show me anything from what i can see.


      Subject: "Repository Update or Replications Failed" events received


      ePolicy Orchestrator Notification

      Rule: Repository update or replication failed Rule Defined At: Directory

      Description: Notifications sends an e-mail message when "Repository Update or Replication Failed" events are received.


      Source computer IP addresses: McAfeeHttp


      For additional information, see the Notification Log in the ePolicy Orchestrator console.





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          so done a little searching and found this in the log :-


          SIM_InetMgr Downloaded file 63456346avv.gem successfully in session 1

          20110515070419 e #3684 SiteMgr VerifyFileItem: File size verification for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\nai83A9.tmp\00000003\63456346avv.gem failed.

          20110515070419 e #3684 SiteMgr CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file 63456346avv.gem size and hash failed, hr=-111

          20110515070419 I #3684 SrvEvtInf Generating Event

          20110515070419 I #3684 naInet HTTP Session closed

          20110515070419 I #3684 naInet ------------------------------------------------------------

          20110515070419 I #3684 SIM_InetMgr Session 1 ended, result=1

          20110515070419 I #3684 SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Mirror thread ended

          20110515070419 x #3684 SiteMgr SiteMgr main control final release...


          Any idea why it wold fail size verification?



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            I think there was a corrupted file on one of the download servers, which therefore failed its integrity check. I believe it's been fixed now - if you re-run the pull task it should succeed.


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              hmm we have seen this error for a few days now and again.  I did a manual pull down and it worked ok though.


              I had also found they only do a pull once a day which in my view is not often enough, so im going to ammend the schedule to do it every 6 hours i think, this way if we get a failed download we are not without the latest definitions for a whole day.