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    VSE Virus scanner vs Access protection - Who is first?




      I am planning to block the execution of all autorun.inf files on my systems to get rid of some of the trash that arrives :-)


      What i am wondering is:

      If i do that will the VSE virus scanner (OAS) be able to detect the known viruses on memory sticks when they are inserted?


      Does the OAS run first and then Access protection, or the other way around?


      The reason i am wondering is that while i do not want the malware to infect my computers, i do not want to leave it on the memory stick to infect someone elses computers either.


      For malware on the computers local drives it will be handled by the ODS, but the memory sticks might not be in the computer when the ODS runs.


      Using VSE 8.7i P4 in the process of moving to 8.8

      Win Xp P3 & W7 P1


      Thanks :-)




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