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    IE 9 and McAfee, Scheduled scanning

      Since my Win 7 laptop updated to IE 9, I find that at any given moment, the computer freezes. I could be doing any simple tasks when this happened. It won't even allow me to CTRL+ALT+DEL. I pretty much have to unplug the power cord and remove the battery. Replace battery and/or plug in the power cord to get the computer restarted.


      IS there any known issue(s) with IE 9 that would cause this? When I had IE 8 this problem never occurs.



      Second--and this is since the beginning of me using McAfee--It does not matter how I perfectly I set the Schedule scanning. It picked its own time to run and takes forever to complete and SLOWS down the computer as well. I find If I force a scan myself--usually FULL SCAN it does not take as long and does not slow down my computer.


      IS there a fix for this?


      HOW better is this than Windows Security Essentials?


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          Hello Ehapi,


          Could you please update us with the below information ?

          What is the operating system installed ? (Win XP/Vista/7)

          What service Pack ?

          Do you have/ previously had any other  security software installed ?

          What is the RAM size of the PC ?

          How old is the computer ?





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            Vista upgraded to Win 7 Home Pre

            SP 1


            2GB RAM


            It's not the PC. It's a Dell Inspiron 1520 notebook and I've had it just over 3 yrs now and the only security sofware ever run on it is McAfee.


            {I do have an XP PC but I don't run McAfee on it. If you were around last April, you'd remember the agony McAfee cause hundreds of us when one of their updates went wrong.}

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              What is the version of Virus scan installed ? Also the DAT version ?

              Can you please run a CHKDSK on command prompt and let us know if it completes without any errors





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                I've got McAfee Total Protection. How or where can I find the VScan and DAT info for you?


                Why must I run CHKDSK?


                Thanks Dinz

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                  I ran the CHKDSK and except for these lines: WARNING! F: parameter not specified and RUNNING CHKDSK in read-only


                  there was nothing else. At the end of the run it says . . .  Windows has checked the file system and found no problems.

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                    Hello Ehapi,


                    The reason for running CHKDSK is to make sure there are no issues with the hard drive. Because, if you have any bad clusters in your hard drive then it would also impact the performance of your machine. Since you have completed CHKDSK, now its clear that your hard drive is good and free from bad clusters. Try to update the McAfee programs, make sure the DAT files (virus signatures) are up to date and if required reboot the machine in Safe Mode and perform a full scan again and check the duration of the scanning.


                    And the answer for your Microsoft Security Essentials is - No it does not provide the complete security as McAfee does.