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    Nail-biting frustration after installing a week's worth of MS updates?

      Do not know if this is the appropriate forum, so toss me over to it if I have posted in error I apologize-


      Was out of town for a week for a family emergency, and Windows Update decided to install updates this morning.  After the first set of downloads came back with an error message stating that the download/install could not complete, I noticed that McAfee was unresponsive.  All I got was a blank white box in the center of the screen where it was supposed to be.  Action Center told me I had nothing whatsoever protecting me.  Web browsing was hit-and-miss; no homepage (blank)  couldn't get into my email on MSN (blank) couldn't sign into McAfee site at all.   Did some digging around in the PC, debating on rolling it back, since it said that the driver, actually the whole damn program of antivirus "may or may not" work properly if I took it back to the 11th.   So I just tried re-installing whatever failed, added in IE9, and BANG!  Now I have a homepage again, but still no antivirus.  Finally able to get into your site, I was able to obtain a successful download of the product.  I haven't really tried to run any other programs I have, but other than desktop gadgets not working right, everything LOOKS fine.


      This tirade isn't directed at you folks there at McAfee; I am wonderfully pleased with your protection, I couldn't ask for a better product.  Even through the 3 hrs or so I was connected to the internet and dead in the water, I got no infection.  For that I thank you.


      My anger lies with MS update, their ineptitude, and misinformation.


      This isn't the first time I have followed the automated MS update and had it break my computer.  Sad part is, the computer is only 5 months old and I shouldn't have to be going through all this.

      Please, if you can, pass it on to them.  Perhaps coming from someone here on this site it will carry more weight.