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    Delete old DAT files

      Is there an option (other than manually) to delete old DAT files?. We use Viruscan 4.5.1 SP1 on W2K SP4 systems. The files reside on C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5
      Since we have a lot of workstations is not easy to go around and delete the files on each one.
      please advise
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          Ahum, they should be deleted always after a succesfull backup. Only the one prior to the latest shall be kept. When they aren't deleted, perhaps the securoty settings on this folder are not set ok, perhaps Delete permissions is not enabled.
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            Hi Desktop.

            However DAT files are system protected so you can not delete them. They are open when windows is running so it is too much hard to delete them. We can say that they are Open file because process using them on running system. So I think you can not delete DAT files. Well there are some eraser available which can be helpful to you.
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              Finally, check with your networking and security departments (if that's not you), before making any obvious changes that may impact your network beyond this problem.

              Hope this is helpful, and let us know how you are doing.
              Ron Metzger