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    Citrix client drive on-access scan

      Is there a way to get Viruscan Enterprise to do an on-access scan of a client drive in Citrix Xenapp?

      Citrix client drives arent local drives or network drives, and whilst you can scan them manually through explorer right click etc, I want an on-access scan.

      Enabling the network drive scan doesnt seem to work, so like I said Im guessing theyre not seen as a network drive.

      This is vital, as its possible and a required feature to allow USB access from thin client devices, which cant run any local virus scanning.

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          I'd also like to second this demand.


          We also have thinclients that are some sort of linux based, which can't run a local scanner.


          For most users we have disabled client drive mapping, but for some this is required and we can't rely on the user performing an On-Demand Scan every time they connect a USB drive.


          We've installed VSE 8.8 on our Citrix XenApp Servers, this resolved problems we had with scanning of DFS Networkdrives, but still no OAS on Clientdrives.