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    McAfee updates - "failed to install", but installed anyway?


      Several users have reported problems recently with McAfee updates. I've never had any problems with updates before, but ...


      This has been an eventful afternoon as far as McAfee updates are concerned.


      I switched on, logged on, got bombarded with messages from Microsoft and McAfee saying updates were available to install. Installed the latest Windows Defender definitions, no problem. Clicked on the icon to start the regular McAfee DAT download (I assume that's what it was) and opened the Security Center to watch progress (almost as good as watching paint dry). And something wasn't right. I couldn't get the progress window to stay open. The spinning icon showed 0% for quite a few minutes, then I got the shouty red alert window saying "Your Computer Is At Risk - Contact Technical Support Or Uninstall Now!!!"

      Update message 1.JPG

      Well, I thought, nuts to that. I *know* I haven't got a virus, and I'm not going to uninstall. I'll run a few tests to see what's wrong.


      A minute later, up popped the All Installed OK balloon, and the red alarm window switched to an innocent green.

      Update message 2.JPG

      Hmm. Okay, let's wait and see. So I waited, answered a few posts, and then ran some tests.


      McAfee Security Scan Plus : all okay, no problems.

      MVT : everything installed and correct, all up to date, no problems.

      DAT : 6344, installed today (no time stated).


      Next : manual check for updates. And then the fun started. A mega-download, that ran and ran for more than ten minutes - during which time I started Process Explorer to see what was going on. I saw the mcshield process being killed, and then the firewall, and various other McAfee processes going to the wall. Obviously something was happening. Windows Defender kicked in and started informing me of changes - A Browser Helper Object being added to Internet Explorer, an unknown and unsigned process from an unverified source being started, changes to registry settings. New McAfee processes started, a firewall message came up saying RunDll32 wanted to connect to the internet - it all got quite busy.


      So what was wrong with the initial download? Did it do anything or not? I'm thinking not. In which case, what was the reason for the alarmist red window?



      If you want to see the sequence of events, there are a lot of screenshots here. Shame there isn't a way in Chrome just to post thumbnails. If you're getting bored, look away now ...

      Update message 3.JPG

      Update message 4.JPGUpdate message 5.JPGWindows Defender 1.JPGUpdate message 6.JPG


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