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    Please help to unblock Chrome from McAfee




      I am facing this frustrating issue since last night. Accidentally I blocked Chrome in some McAfee pop up. I am not able to browse sites on Chrome since. This is firewall stuff for sure. Have searched forums. Not helping me.
      McAfee >> Navigation >> Firewall  fields are disabled in my case.
      I am not able to click anything.


      I recently bought the netbook and McAfee trial period is over. Whenever I click anything it prompts for buying/Activation. Not able to click anything. mcAffe right click says ' Your Machine Is at Risk. Activate' ( red Colour )
      OS : Windows 7
      I do not want to activate/buy  McAfee as of now.
      Have uninstalled Chrome, re-installed. Doesn't help.
      Thinking of uninstalling McAfee.
      Kindly advise how to unblock Chrome from McAfee.
      (   How could McAfee block a cool stuff like Chrome ?!....)


      Thanks everyone for your help !
      Cheers !!!
      ~ Laxmi