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    How to install total protection 2011

      Hope someone can help.  Before I start I have to admit to being a thicko regarding computers and get by more by good luck than anything else!

      I soon will have to put the 2011 total protection on my PC as it's nearly time for the old one to expire.  I had a rough idea of how to do it i.e go to add/remove programmes and remove Mcafee, then run the removal tool to get rid of the last remmnants, then I hoped it would just be a case of inserting the CD and following on screen instructions to install the 2011 version.  As previously mentioned I am not very good at these things so contacted support and asked them if they would send me an e-mail with a step by step guide.

      I empaphised in my e-mail that I was a bit nervous about doing the install. (yes i'm still a thicko)

      The reply that came back sadly was not what I expected, reading through the e-mail it totally bamboozled me and made me think I would need a degree in I.T. to carry out the task, it was so so technical!!

      Yes I had to remove existing security suite, so far so good as I am able to do this, then I had to run removal tool, yes I can also do this, then the hard bit came and I quote:

      step 4

      Reset the internet explorer, with extremely complicated instructions of how to to it,  I never had to do this last year so my question is, is it really necessary?

      I have windows XP and will (hopefully) be installing by way of shop bought CD.

      Any help would be much appreciated. just wish these things were a bit more user friendly!!