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    Need DLPWCF.msi file please!

      Help please! I've been working over 6 months on this project of getting DLP and all of its parts to work properly.  The engineers in our organization convieniently left out the dlpwcfserviceinstaller.msi file needed to install the DLP Monitor. I"m having so much trouble trying to get the old version equivialent to work in its place and I'm on a time crunch. Does anyone know where I can get this file? And I will gladly take any suggestions on why my DLP Monitor screen is totally blank. The Options menu only allows me to change the columns or apply a filter. There is nowhere in DLP Manager or Monitor that I see how to configure this. Any help is greatly appreciated



      McAfee EPO 4.5

      Data Loss Prevention Agent Version

      DLP Server extention 9.0

      Windows Server 2003SP2

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          The WCF installer is under the product downloads page from the McAfee website.  It will be under the DLP zip file you downloaded to install the program.  In the zip package, navigate to \TAG_MGMT_version_XXX\DLP WCF Service\ to find the msi file you need.


          Please make sure that the version you download is the same version that you are currently running.

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            Thanks for the advice Tony, however, I don't have the option to download from McAfee directly. I have to get the software from my organization's distribution point. They left it out of the package that they posted on FTP. So I need to know if there is another way to get it?

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              If it is provided by a centralized location, I would suggest whoever is in charge of getting the software to download the complete package for you to use.  Without knowing the exact version installed, you will have to install all components again to make sure everything is compatible.  In other words, the WCF service will only communicate with the extension of the same version.