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    Language problem in EPO 4.5 „Automatic Responses“




      I have a language problem in EPO 4.5 “Automatic Responses” section. I have configured automatic virus infection e-mail notification. The notification is working well. I get an e-mail notification if an infection appears. Is set the language to English in “Description” tab. In “Actions” tab I configured in the “Body” section “Event Description:{setOfEventDesc}”. But if I and all other e-mail recipients get the notification mail we see the following German information: “Event Description: Die infizierte Datei wurde gelöscht”.


      Of course I can understand this as German speaking person. But our English speaking colleagues can’t understand this. The EPO server is running with English MS Server 2003 installed. Where is the point to configure this “Event Description” variable to English language?


      Thanks for information.


      Best regards from Germany



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