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    How do I uninstall Viruscan Enterprise 8.x  ?

      I am donating an old laptop I no longer use to my daughter (but retaining my administrator access).  It runs XP SP3 and has the free VSE 8.5 already on it.  I intend replacing this and wanted to try out the latest Viruscan Plus.   I tried to download and install this but got an error message saying there was an incompatible program, which was the already installed VSE 8.5. !   I was suprised the installation of a newer product from the same company would not take care of this upgrade process automatically.


      When I tried to use the Windows add/remove program, I got a series of error messages describing files that could not be deleted.  How do I clean this outdated version off of computer, so I can start afresh with loading the latest software?