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    Can't see some Systems in Entire Network

      Hi, I have this issue where I simply can't see certain systems in my Network Places. There are about 2-3 systems which I couldn't see in Entire Network.


      I have enabled File and Printer Sharing under Windows Firewall as well as Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP in WINS tab of Advanced TCP/IP settings.


      But still, these systems refuses to show up. Thus, I was not able to deploy MFE Agents to them.


      Is there any advise as to how to make these system visible to the network?

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          anyone can help, pls? Thanks.

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            This is more a Microsoft problem than an ePO one

            Is there any reason why you can't install the agent manually on these machines, if there are only a few of them?


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              - Disable the firewall completely and then see if you can see them.

              - Can you ping them?

              - Do you use VLANs on your network?


              - Do an Agent deployemnt to the IP address of the computer instead of the name. Once deployed and reported you end up with two instances of the machine. one orphaned IP and a new one with the actual name of the PC. Delete the IP one without uninstalling the agent.

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                Hi Joe and Tristan, the issue is I can't even see these system in my Entire Network, thus without them showing up in the list, I couldn't deploy the agents to them their Computer Names are not listed in the tree.


                I will try out Tristan's method of deploying by IP and see if it works.


                For all these systems, i already disabled the firewall completely and I still can't see them. But I can ping them. I don't use VLANs on my network.


                Its weird. 95% of my users are visible in Entire Network, just a few of them which simply refuses to show up.


                I only have 70+ staff in my office.

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                  You don't have to be able to browse to them - if you know their names then you can manually add them by name. (Although you'll need to check that the machines can be correctly resolved by name alone from the ePO server - if not, then ePO can't find themand pushes will always fail.


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                    It is probably a NetBios issue. Do you have a workgroup model network or a domain model one? if you use domain model:

                    - enable a WINS server (actually it can be your DC). the WINS server will help you with the NetBios issue.

                    - check the Computer Browser service of your client

                    - maybe the client has got a wrong computer as its master browser.so it can not show all the computers on the network. you can find out the master browser of the client by using this tool (Browstate.exe)


                    if the master browser is not the main one (actually in a domain model network the DC would be the master browser) then unplug the wrong master browser from the network and restart the client. after rebooting it will find the right master browser. The master browser is responsible for NETBIOS anouncement in the network.

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                      Dear All:


                      I have the same issue and it is a McAfee issue. When I turn off Virus and Spyware Protection, and Firewall Protection, I am then able to see the Windows 7 systems on my network.


                      This problem occurred before and I misplaced my notes for solving it. I remember the issue was with McAfee. The last time this occurred I was using McAfee ASaP. That software has been rebranded and it is now called, Secuirty-as-a-Service.


                      Hopefully someone will remember the McAfee Magic Command.


                      Thank you.