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    Migrate ePo 4.0 to a new server with ePo 4.6



      We are thinking about moving our existing ePO 4.0 (Patch 2) on MS SQL 2000 standard to a new virtual machine with the actual ePO 4.6 with a SQL Server Express 2008 R2.


      So far I've found, that it is possible to export the database on the ePo 4.0 side and import it on the new machine.


      We know that we have to get all agents new installed as it will be a IP and DNS-name change.


      But: Is it possible to install ePO 4.6 direct on the new machine after database is imported to be able to continue with the existing settings or must we install ePO 4.0 first and make a update to 4.6 on the new machine?


      Thank you!






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