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    EPO 4.6




      Recently (about a month ago) we made an upgrade from epo 4.5 to 4.6 version.

      I'm a little bit confused at editing tasks. For example we have a task which does a full scan at the scheduled time (once per week).

      I can not find where to edit scheduled time of the task.  I've looked it everywhere, in client task catalog, client task assignments...

      Where can I change the time of running a single task?


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          This seems to be a three step process.


          1) Created the Task within the Client Task Catalog.

          2) Assign the task to a folder

          3) Then navigate to the folder that you assigned the task.


          From there you can click on the Assigned client tasks. You should see your task that you created.


          Click on the "Edit Assignment" lonk and there you can edit the timframe that the task will run.


          Hope that helps.