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    Set a Group as the owner of a Policy




      I am working in a University which a have only one ePO console but were each departement manage there own machine goupe. Each departement sysadmins share an ePO user account with a pemission set that's giving them full control overs there machine groupe. The problem is that sysadmins of a same departement have to share the account credential since policy ownership can't be set to a group witch containt all the sysadmins account of a departement.


      In fact, we  woul like to use our Active Directory for users authentication and set ownership using AD group so departement would be able to manage who are there ePO administrator simlply by adding users to an AD group. That way they would be able to audit who have done messy things in there ePO machnie groupe and they would no longer have to change the  ePO account password each time someone of they IT team is moving.


      Any Idea on how to set a Group as the owner of an ePO policy?