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    VSE 8.8 OAS   vs. Older Antispyware....


      So there was this KB article posted this morning..




      What isn't clear based on that KB is:


      IF you have VSE 8.8 already deployed and an task that wasn't disabled tries to push out the anti-spyware module, does it break VSE 8.8? Does VSE need to be remove/re-installed?


      Does simply stopping the deploylemt attempt stop the issue of OAS shutting down?


      If I am upgrading from 8.7 to 8.8, should i, as part of my 8.8 deployment task, also tell it to first remove the anti-spyware module?



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          I am in the process of uipdating this artticle but am waiting for formal confirmation of the following:


          • If the ASEM module is deployed to VSE88 installations, I would suggest the following:
            - stop automatic deployment of ASEM87 through ePO
            - remove ASEM87 and VSE88 from the workstation
            - reinstall VSE88 to avoid any risks
          • If you are upgrading from VSE87 to VSE88, remove ASEM87 first to avoid issues.
            This issue will be addressed in Patch 1 for VSE88.