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    VSE 8.8 messes up USB keyboards?


      We have a "test group" of users that we rolled out VSE 8.8 to (they had VSE 8.7i previously)


      The next day after getting VSE 8.8 (ie, after rebooting their pc), about 80% of the users have had non-responsive keyboards.


      We're using EPO 4.5 build 937, McAfee Agent, and VSE 8.8

      PC's are Dell Optiplex GX-620 and GX-745


      What happens is the PC powers on (Windows XP Pro, SP3)

      It displays the CTRL-ALT-DEL screen to login

      You can move the USB mouse


      But the keyboard does not work.  You cannot use Numlock, caplocks, etc.  It will just sit there.  Even 30 minutes later, nothing.


      IF you power it off and power it back on, it will usually work.


      The timing is just too coincidental, but I don't know why VSE would mess up the USB keyboard only.

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          Well the plot thickens.  I tested this on a laptop (Dell Latitude D610) and it does the same thing.  But I can't dupe it in vmware.  So it must be something with VSE 8.8 and Dell hardware that causes the problem.


          I'm guessing it's CPU related or something because on RARE occasions you can actually hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and all you get is the blue background.  Let it sit there up to an hour and still nothing.


          I'm wondering if it's playing havoc with perhaps a GPO or something (although that would show up in my vmware machines, and it doesn't)


          Probably have to revert back to 8.7 or 8.5 at this point.

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            Is the keyboard working if you boot up in safe mode?

            If yes, check the Event Viewer if there are any errors stated regarding the startup of the pc and post them here.

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              We run an exclusive Dell environment, with models from ancient Optiplex GX270 & Latitude D510s to relatively new 360's and E5500s. All running 8.8 and Agent 4.5.


              None of them have exhibited this issue for us....so far.


              What schedule do you have for your DAT updates. Are they running immediatly on startup?

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                It's possible there's something else conflicting with our other software/VSE 8.8


                I've not seen anything in the event viewer (but that's not unusual)


                Our DAT's are set to update 5 minutes AFTER system startup.

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                  Well after a bit more digging it seems that McAfee VSE 8.8 is messing up the broadcom network drivers from loading on Windows XP SP3 Pro for some reason


                  Removing VSE 8.8 and putting back either 8.5 or 8.7 seems to fix the problem.


                  I vaguely remember 8.8 install mentioning something about a network driver, but it's odd that it's semi-random.  Meaning it's not 100% every time you start up the pc, but quite often.

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                    The saga continues, but at this point I guess I'll have to open a case w/McAfee (shudder) and go through the laborious process of emailing logs back and forth and not getting answers for weeks.


                    I'm wondering if it's the mfehidk.sys interferring with the broadcom drivers.  Whatever it is, it's definitely something in VSE 8.8 that's doing it and not the EPO agent or VSE 8.7.x and lower.


                    I guess I'll have to back-rev everyone and just wait a year or two or three for VSE 8.8 to be fully "cooked".

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                      Hello, Did you get anywhere with this, I have just updated my users to 8.8 and some of there Workstations lock up?

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                        No, we just gave up and went back to 8.7i


                        Tech support at McAfee was totally useless so we figured we'd just wait a while and try again when a new patch/update comes out.

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                          OK thanks, I'll shout if I find out anything.

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