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    Installing HIPS with third party tool doesn t work = machine is locked



      We are installing HIPS with a third party software distribution tool (Altiris). As soon as HIPS is installed and the machine is rebooted, it is not longer possible to log-on to the machine. It seems that the machine loses all networkconnectivity. Staging the machine and end it just after VSE 8.8 and manually trigger the Altiris install command with a workstation admin account, does install correctly and the machine works fine after reboot.

      Full install with altiris, (locking the machine , recovering with ERD and disabling Win 7 FW makes the machine work.


      Only difference between the staging and the manual process is that staging is using System account priveledges and the manual install uses workstation admin rights.


      Anybody having the same issues ?

      How can we solve this ?