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    Un-able to Reactivate License

      I’ve been using MaAfee Internet Security for many years and so far working perfectly, until today it keeps prompting up the message “Your Software is Deactivated” for no apparent reasons. My subscription is still valid through 2 Sep, 2011 with 4 user’s licenses. I have tried to deactivate one of the license on-line and later reactive it again from the software. On-line account show status activated but on my side the software still coming up the same old message which keeps asking me to “Reactive” again. I even download and reinstall the software the situation remain unchanged.

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          Just been though this myself 2 suggestions



          Subscription Repair Tool

          On the PC in question follow the steps laid out in the doc and run the repair tool. Point it to the subscription in question. Restart and reenable the access protection you disabled as per the doc.


          This may have to be repeated for each licence that shows the error. You have to do it on the PCs that has the message.


          That said I had to get a tech to delete the whole account and rebuild it. We then reinstalled Mcafee on the PC in question and then ran the repair tool on the other PCs whose licences were on the account. This repair too; took 5 mins to run and to reset the access protection and 10 days later all still OK.


          The 2nd path needs you to chat with Technical support techs.. Link in useful links tab above. Note best to have them call you and remote into your pC. It worked fine though in your case the 1st way could work.

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            Hi and thanks for the helps!


            I have use the Subscription Tools to fix the problem and it did fixed my problem. But if I execute the “Check for updates” from the “M” menu the problem returns again.



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              Hi Kenpvk,

              Just a Quick question – Please let us know on how many computer's  you have McAfee  currently installed ???




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                Hi Dinz,


                Notebook 1 unit, Desktop/PC 2 units but one of them (PC) with 2 HDD and both McAfee installed. Therefore, a total of 4 users beeing registered.



                Ken Phan

                Uniqzoft Sdn Bhd

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                  Ah the dual boot PC that was my Son in Law's problem is the PC name the same on both drives?  This will trash the Mcafee subscription and the second path will be need ie remove account and rebuild.  I even renamed the PC and formated the 2nd disk but the issue followed me even between subscriptions and even to another account when I moved the licence to it.


                  The rebuilding the account worked a treat.


                  So are both names the same and have you got 4 licences or a 3 user licence ( you mentioned 4 above)

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                    Yes! There are all using the same computer name. You mean I should rename these PC will resolve such problem?

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                      I did I even reformated the external drive so it did not have a name or licence and the darn thing disabled the remaining licence even when renamed. The only way I fixed it is a T2 tech removed the account reenstated it and we removed Mcafee  and reinstalled it.


                      I then as said above booted each PC that has a licence on the account and ran the subscription repair tool after disabling access protection and renaming the files mentioned. Remember to after rebooting to reenable access protection. Really this needs a tech to call you and control the process so contact chat . The repair tool is a piece of cake and does not involve removing Mcafee when you work on the other licences.


                      What you can try is rename 1 of the PC names and follow the FAQ I posted for the repair tool. Run it booted to this renamed PC. Repeat on other drive. It might work for you though it maybe will redisable in 7 days so watch it. The account deletion/reinstallation will work but maybe ask Chat for escalation if they do not suggest the method I suggested . I have been though all the suggestions and this only 1 that worked. ( had 8 calls before they got a T2 to sort it out)


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                        Like you said, renaming the Computer Name does not help the situation. It just keeps coming back the error every time when I execute the update function and I’m very sure I’m having 4 user’s licenses. So, what next? I’m really sick & tired about this issue.

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                          1. Are you sure you need two boot drives in that pc?

                          2. Try running the repair tool and steps I posted on both drives ie boot to each in turn and run the tool. Reenable the access protection after each restart.

                          3. Really I do feel talking to chat (Tech Services in useful links tab above) and get them to rebuild yourt account, ie delete it uninstall mcafee on 1 drive and reinstall it. Then update should be fine. Boot to 2nd drive and run repaias well after the steps mentioned in the FAQ and it as well should be fine. Go to your 2 other PCs and repeat as the tool running is 5mins work easy stuff it will work but you need a tech who understands. If they say uninstall/reenstall or run verify subscription (right click shield) and all will be fine go and ask for an escalation as my 8 calls proved this is tricky to fix and I had access to the highest of techs.


                          The tech who fixed mine was  Jai P I removed his surname for privacy.

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