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    messengers with MWG problems..

      i have a McAfee Web Gateway 4500, version 7.1 and i have a problem regarding Messengers..


      1- windows live messenger is working well.

      2- yahoo messenger doesn't sign in at all.

      3- skype is sign in but users can't do any voice or vedio calls.


      FYI.. i don't have SSL or common policies..

      only what i have are policies for URL filtering and antimalware policy.


      i'm waiting replies from persons having more experience than me



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          are you using http or the IM proxies in MWG 7.1?




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            Really i don't know how to use IM proxies or creating policies for IM at MWG 7..


            all my policies are applied on http and https..

            the only thing i did in my configuration regards Messengers is enabling the prepared configuration under configuration--> proxies (http(s),...)

            which are (enable windows live messenger proxy) & (enable yahoo messenger proxy)..


            what is your advice??

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              The proxies on Web Gateway will only be used if the traffic is redirected to the gateway by changing DNS entries on the hosts file, or by implementing DNS records, otherwise the clients will attempt connection directly to the various login servers.  Contact support for a recommended list of DNS redirections.


              Skype is normally only effected by SSL traffic, and unless your web gateway is the only way in which the client can get to the internet it will attempt direct connectivity regardless of what is configured in the Skype client.

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                ok i disabled the Messengers proxies and i don't have SSL Scanner policy.. but the problem not solved yet..

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                  Here is what I recall for Yahoo - the webmessenger of yahoo is going out directly to the servers and will not accept proxy settings, the same is true for the chat client. Thus you should check where traffic is actually going to. See if is reaching web gateway at all.


                  Skype tries all ports it was using before then all ports on UDP then all port on tcp. The last fall back is proxy. In case you are using authentication the connection will fail, as Skype doesn't support this feature.


                  Again - it is most important that you check where traffic is going to. Is it going directly, then it is a firewall topic. Is it going over webgateway, then this is a topic for us.