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    How to add computers when they are only visible by full domain name and not by name?




      I have to add computers from other domains but our network enviroment is configured this way that for some reason all domains are visible in Microsoft Network Neiberhood only from time to time (?). So when I ping computer  in other domain (and domain is not visible) it is only visible when I ping name.domain.group (so full domain name). I've synchronized group within ePolicy but it took only computer names (I knew it would do that) so I cannot ping those computers nor deploy agents. I've sent to user framepkg.exe and after installation computer is visible in ePolicy, it sents props but I cannot still ping it nor wake up the agent. Is there any option I can solve this before checking network configuration? If the only solution is to sort domains visiblity inside Microsoft Network Neiberhood where to start? Thanks in advance.